Restoring Checks and Balances to Frederick County's Charter

Frederick's County Council shouldn't be a rubber stamp!

Frederick County Conservative Action Rally!

Is Frederick County Better Off Than It Was 4 Years Ago?

The principled concerns of Frederick County's Conservatives toward the Progressive County Government have been realized over the last four years. 

The progressive majority on the County Council pushed through the County Executive’s agenda time and time again. It’s time for conservatives to summon the steely resolve to take back the County Council majority and the County Executive’s Office. 

The time has come for Frederick’s Conservatives to unite in the common purpose of a less intrusive local government. Restoring common sense conservative principles to our County Government is essential to wiser county spending, lower county taxes, and better county living. This event will offer the audience an open forum on political topics relating to grassroots conservative efforts in Frederick County. 

Your Voice Matters!

May 31, 2018

6:00pm – 9:00pm

Clarion Inn Frederick Event Center

5400 Holiday Dr. 

Frederick, MD 21703

Gold Sponsor: $600.00

Blue Sponsor: $300.00

Couples ticket: $75.00

Individual Ticket: $50.00

Jason's Mission

Rock Solid Conservative

Efficient Government

A successful Frederick County Council must be committed to all the county's taxpayers. The County Council should try to enact policies that increase the standard of living for local residents while trying even harder to enact policies that lower the cost of living for local residents. The County Council has an obligation to taxpayers to do this through objective critical thinking.

Effective Balance

The present County Council has proven itself to be an ineffective check on the County Executive's tax and spend attitude. The County Council exists under the Frederick County Charter to hold oversight on  county spending. It doesn't matter who the County Executive is. What really matters is that the council does its job with transparency and truthfulness.

Economic Oversight

Frederick County's prosperity is dependent on the honesty and integrity of those who oversee the local economy. The County Council has an obligation to the taxpayer to ensure that local programs work as hard for local residents as possible. Honest audits of the county budget and taxpayer focused policies are essential to fulfilling that role.

A Principled Conservative Platform

A Better Business Environment

  • I'm for a consistent rational county zoning plan that balances local commerce with quality of life.
  • I'm against business regulations that do little more than grow local government revenues.
  • I'm for streamlining local small business permitting as a way to encourage local entrepreneurship. 

Opposing A Sanctuary Frederick County

  • I'm both for and support Frederick County being in the 287g program as outlined by Sheriff Jenkins.
  • I'm against any effort to make Frederick County sanctuary county or Maryland a sanctuary state.
  • I'm for equal protection under the law and support law enforcement measures that address MS13. 

Wiser County Land Development

  • I'm for a revised growth policy that addresses the problems created by the recent housing boom.
  • I'm against government artificially inflating home building costs that hurt the local middle class.
  • I'm for a Frederick County model that stresses geographic diversity in local residential development. 

Reaffirming Frederick County Property Rights

  • I'm for private property rights and support a limited local ability to infringe on land ownership.
  • I'm against our county using planning or zoning to threaten or intimidate citizens or businesses. 
  • I'm for integrity in land use disputes and support honest public hearings on property policy issues.

Dealing With The Opioid Epidemic

  • I'm for public / private partnering on local drug rehab to address our opioid addiction problem.
  • I oppose any leniency toward heroin dealers and support a countywide law enforcement task force.
  • I'm for all public programs that target heroin as a clear and present danger in Frederick County .

Prioritizing Frederick County Public School Budgeting

  • I'm for local teacher tax credits as a means to hire and retain quality teachers in Frederick County.
  • I'm against discussions that do not include an FCPS redistricting plan as a viable option for students.
  • I'm for the proper prioritizing of school construction that is both on time and on budget.

Enhancing Frederick County Police / EMS / Fire and Rescue

  • I'm for smarter county budgeting to invest more in law enforcement, EMS, and fire protection. 
  • I'm against any and all budget cuts that might hinder law enforcement, EMS, or fire personnel.  
  • I'm for increased county assistance in replacing obsolete technology with modern equipment.

Listening To Frederick County Farmers

  • I'm for local farmers having a greater voice in Frederick County's Agricultural planning policies.
  • I'm against land use plans that unnecessarily burden the livelihoods of Frederick County farmers and property owners.
  • I'm for agricultural economic awareness as a driver when dealing with local farming legislation.

Empowering Frederick County Staff

  • I'm for Council access to County Staff as a means of assisting constituents with their local problems.
  • I'm against redundancies in county policies and procedures that hinder quality and speed of service.
  • I'm for funding all justified training to meet the needs of County Staff to provide better county services..

A Better Frederick County Ethics Policy

  • I'm for a rational ethics code that addresses perceptions becoming realities in the public square.
  • I'm against selective enforcement of the county ethics law to achieve  political power or influence.
  • I'm for a universal ethics standard for county government that rules transparently and impartially.

An Effective Frederick County Council

  • I'm for vigorous public debate on vital issues at open Frederick County Council meetings.
  • I'm against a rubber stamp partisan Frederick County Council that serves the County Executive.
  • I'm for even more public hearings on vital issues because ultimately public money pays the bills.

Increased Oversight of Frederick County Tax Dollars

  • I'm for honest independent auditing of county spending as written in the Frederick County Charter. 
  • I'm for cutting inefficient county programs that do not measure up to their intended benchmarks.
  • I'm for funding county programs that work efficiently and effectively to the benefit of the taxpayer.

Sensible Solutions

Rededicate Public Debate As A Function Of County Government

Public servants should be respectful of public opinion. This county council's indifference toward local taxpayers must stop. What's the purpose of public comment at open meetings if the outcomes have already been decided behind closed doors?

Reaffirm A Commitment To Efficient And Effective County Spending

The fate of Frederick County's economic future rests in the hands of the few public officials who are entrusted with its treasury. The taxpayer has a right to expect efficiency and effectiveness in how their county spends the taxpayer's money.

Enact Taxpayer Focused Public Policies

Taxpayers are the share holders of Frederick County government. The Frederick County Council should be a citizen focused body that strives to lower the cost of living in Frederick County while raising the standards of living for Frederick County residents.

Reestablish Rational Economic Development

Frederick County zoning, permitting, and arbitrary regulation needs to be addressed in order to allow local small business to innovate and reach their full potential. Our county needs to seriously reform its' attitude towards the economic drivers that are essential to Frederick County's prosperity. 

Assert A Stronger Voice On Education Budgeting

Frederick County education makes up more than 300 million dollars of the proposed 528 million dollar county  budget for 2017. Taxpayers understand that throwing money at mismanaged problems seldom solves the poblem itself. Fresh Leadership and  ideas are essential for results driven money management 

Balance The Office Of County Executive

The powers of the County Executive must be checked by the County Council without respect to partisan affiliation. As an elected body, this Frederick County Council has allowed the current County Executive to erode its' ability to provide oversight by implementing partisan planned budgetary constrains. End them. 

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Request a Yard Sign!

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