The Path Less Traveled

Midwestern Roots

Jason and his wife Amanda have resided in Mount Airy since 2011. He and his wife were married in Mount Airy after Jason's honorable discharge from the U.S. Army. They own a six acre White Walnut Orchard / Farmette just a few miles from the city limits near the Frederick County - Carrol County line.

Originally from the small town of Peru, Jason grew up the only child of Gregory and Marianne Miller in the rural farmland of Northern Indiana. Jason attended the University of Southern Indiana after graduating from Peru High School in 1999. In 2000 Jason joined the Indiana Army National Guard as an Artilleryman in Bravo Battery, 139th Field Artillery to pay for his education. He volunteered for regular army activation as an intelligence analyst in 2002. 

Jason served as an intel analyst in Iraq, Afghanistan, Qatar, and South Korea. He was honorably discharged from the 741st Military Intelligence Battalion at Fort Meade in 2009. Jason took a position as a privately contracted intelligence analyst focusing on counterterrorism after leaving military service. He later served as a corporate staffing manager for defense contractor named SINTEL Group Inc. before returning to his current studies at McDaniel College.   

Working Class Legacy

Jason's father and extended family were the proud owners of Miller Sawmill in Perrysburg Indiana. He grew up as his grandfather, great uncles, father, uncles, and cousins did an honest days work for an honest days pay. The family business was more than just a job. It was a community economic engine.

Started by his great grandfather Roscoe in 1927 the business was then passed on to his great uncles and grandfather. The tradition of honesty and customer service became the cornerstone of the families business model. 

Jason has never forgotten the important lessons he learned watching his family interact with customers. Small business isn't a spreadsheet. Small business isn't a profit margin. Small business is the interaction of people within a community while growing an economy. The economy is people and small business is the lifeblood of the American dream.

Sadly in 2002 after Jason had already joined the Army, the business folded under the pressures of both regulation and larger competitors in a shrinking market. It was one of the last family owned and operated Saw Mills in the State Indiana.

A Family Tradition of Service

Jason's grandfather on his mothers side worked at a construction firm named McMahon-O'Connor Construction in Peru Indiana after World War 2. His Grand Father was a bombardier in the daylight bombing over Germany. 

Jason's grandfather and great uncles were lucky enough to all enlist in world war 2 in different services and all survive the war. One of the most sacred family heirlooms is a dollar bill that was cut into thirds as all three brothers went off to war and then tapped back together when all three came home.  

Jason's grand father specialized in heavy equipment operation, Infrastructure and land development in the 1950's and 60's, Jason's grandfather participated in the construction boom of post war America that allow many people to experience prosperity today. 

Jason was brought up to understand the meaning of serving something greater than yourself. Jason is a proud member of a military tradition dating back to the American Civil War.

A Fighter For Common Sense

As a both a professional problem solver in the U.S. Army and a political academic, Jason has learned through experience that asking the right questions is the most effective way to address complex issues. Frederick County Government needs to start being accountable for distorting the truth about problems facing its taxpayers. We need someone who will fight for common sense and integrity!

A Principled Conservative

As a member and officer of the Frederick County Republican Central Committee (FCRCC), Jason was a dedicated voice that focused on the 65,000 plus registered Republican voters. He served honorably as both its Treasurer and its Vice Chairman from 2013 to 2017. Today he is focusing all of his efforts to stand up for conservative values and offer a platform that grass roots Republicans can be proud to call a good start for Frederick County.

There needs to be a clarion conservative voice on the county Council in the service of working class conservative voters in Frederick County.

A Better Way Forward

Frederick County needs new leadership in its county government. We need new voices rather than the replayed echo's from the past. We need new and energetic leaders who are proud of their heritage but remain focused on the future. 

Partisan posturing for political power compounds the problems our county faces. It does little to improve the lives of working people and in the end increases the hardship our citizens face. Our leaders need to concern themselves more with the tax payers and less with themselves. 

If YOU want an accountable county government, vote Jason Miller for County Council At Large on election day.